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Hi. This is Raven.

If you've really got something important to say, just drop your message here.

If not... please avoid wasting both your time and mine. Beep!
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Hi. This is Raven.

If you've really got something important to say, just drop your message here.

If not... please avoid wasting both your time and mine. Beep!
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» age: 27
» personality: Raven's general demeanor has not changed that much on the outside. Except that she's learnt to loosen up a bit and she happens to laugh (like really laugh) sometimes. She's learnt to talk a bit more about her own feelings. On the downside, being stuck there for so many years has rendered her even more cynical and somewhat snarkier. Year 9 was very hard on her though. It drained her physically and emotionally.
» physical: She's gained a few inches and is now 5'6" tall and she's just a bit more curvy too, but still has a dancer's body. Her outfit has changed. She still wears the cloak but her leotard was replaced by a long high-cut dress (chosen by Morgana. But yep, she's still showing off her legs when she fights) and knee-high boots (Jinx is probably to blame for that).

» accomplishments:
→ Has become a potion master (thanks to Snape).
→ Re-opened Horst's school: If you want to teach there or become Raven's student in magic and ancient languages, apply here~
→ Still runs the halfway house with Aqua (and possibly others).

» lovers:
→ ...Up for suggestions ;)
→ Zero (year 4-5)
→ Isa (year 7-10)

» friends/Allies:
→ Killua
→ Morgana
→ Snape
→ Rubedo
→ Vincent
→ Sephiroth
→ Sokka
→ Katara
→ Hinata
→ Castiel
→ Hawke

→ Jinx!
→ Alex
→ Jesse
→ Naruto
→ Raphael
→ Souji
→ Ami
→ Willow
→ Aqua
→ Suki
→ Lots of people I'm forgetting~

» enemies:
→ Lucifer(sorry Dad)
→ Mukuro (stop stealing bodies dammit)
→ Anyone who wants their butt kicked :)

→ Runs the halfway house with Aqua.
→ Keeps running the library with Willow and Ami.
→ The Taj Mahal becomes Raven's meditation place and Raphael is her meditation buddy!

YEAR 2: Spider Infestation
→ Joins the Kyoshi warriors with Hinata but remains in the Protection Squad.
→ Raven rescue arachnophobic people from spiders with Alex (less impressive than zombies, but well.)
→ Possibly helps Ed fight spiders discreetly?
→ Starts befriending Jinx: They're still snarky as ever.

→ Moves to live with Morgana since Hinata left to live with Naruto.
→ Raven fights Dark Willow with Ami. Raven manages to stop her with the help of Ami. Bu Ami gets killed and Raven brings her body back to Helen's hospital. Willow is brought back to herself by Fai, Alex and Aqua.
→ End of year or beginning of next: Souji turns mad and Raven fulfills her promise to him by killing him.

YEAR 4: Midas Touch
→ Raven is turned into a gold statue by Zero. Zero feels guilty about it but Raven waves it off.
→ Raven and Zero start an on and off relationship (nothing official because they're both too cool for dating).
→ Starts giving blood to Souji to prevent him from turning mad again.
→ Finds out about Ryoji true nature (along with everyone else but ^^;) and talks with him about it.

YEAR 5: Grab Bag
→ Family event : Snape (father), Unohana (mother), Killua, Morgana, Jinx and Rip (siblings), Zero (bethrothed), Hawke (uncle).
→ Zero becomes more and more distant. Raven breaks ties with him completely.
→ Starts teaching meditation to Killua.

After the family events, she still considers Morgana as a sister.

YEAR 6: Suddenly! UFOS
→ Helps Urahara and the angels restoring Raphael's Grace.
→ Attends Katara and Jet's wedding. Helps Katara make her wedding dress.
→ Learns that Zero got killed by Vincent and didn't come back. Feels guilty for letting him down. Emo ;_;
→ Spends more and more time meditating alone (except when Raphael gets angry because she's missed one of their weekly meditation sessions).
→ Eventually friends (Morgana, Rubedo, Raphael XD and possibly Hanna and Isa? And whoever wants to bear with her) manage to bring her back to her normal level of anti-socialness.

YEAR 7: Age of Extinction
→ Gets drunk with Jinx and... nothing happens. No really. Nothing to see here.
→ Starts dating Isa (Saïx).
→ Often lets Vincent borrow her couch (on to year 10).

YEAR 8: Human Forest
→ Re-opens Horst's old school. Teachers are: Ami, Willow, Jun, Katara, Fai, Vincent(?) and whoever wants to join.
→ Raven spends a lot of time studying potions and magic.
→ Attends Hitsugaya and Sasuke's wedding.

YEAR 9: Twisted Personalities
→ Hello again Evil!Raven. If you want to get maimed or worse apply here :)
→ Gets stopped by Jinx and Killua. Killua managed to push the demon back in and bring Raven back.
→ Finds Rubedo after he killed Ulqui and Seph. Restrains him (with help?) and brings him back to himself by getting into his mind thus draining herself.
→ Unable to fight Chaos, she asks Break to stop it and bring back Vincent and he agrees.
→ Finds Sokka's dead body and learns from him that he was killed by Snape.

YEAR 10: Ten Years Before?
→ During the first months, Raven isolates herself further to all the trauma of year 9.
→ Still dating Isa who's being a really thoughtful boyfriend.
→ Bumps into Zero who's alive, younger and doesn't remember her!
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As soon as you enter Raven's dreamscape, you'll be surrounded by darkness with countless round red eyes staring at you. After a few seconds, when your eyes get used to the darkness, you'll realize those red eyes belong to black crows perched on leafless trees. You're walking on a narrow path that leads you to five doors.

Door #1: Titans' Tower A plain metallic door with Raven’s name on it. There’s no handle on that door and you need to type a 6-letter code to enter. You'll hear Raven's voice say: "We are five, a team, a family. That's what we call ourselves. The ones that defy the gods to save humans." If you don’t know her well enough to figure out the code, you can try to smash in. If you’re powerful enough to break down an armored door in real life, it shall work in the dream as well.

So you’re in Raven's room. The room is very dark, only dimly lit by an oil lamp and a big window through which a full moon is shining. If you take a look around, the overall decoration will make you believe that Halloween is back…

If you choose to explore, here are a few interesting objects you'll find there: the white spell book, the hand mirror, the clock, the bead necklace, a set of puppets of Raven and her teammates and the top hat. Each of them corresponds to a specific memory of Raven's life in her home world. And you'll be able to relive a part of it as Raven lived it and it's up to you to find out why it's important to her.

Door #2: Azarath A golden door with strange inscriptions (in Azarathian) as well as some kind of angel carved on it. Use the door knocker and a nice woman with purple hair dressed in a white cloak similar to Raven's blue one will come open the door for you and take your on a tour of Raven's home dimension.

Door #3: Adstringendum A simple wooden door. All the names of the people Raven has met or cared about in Adstringendum are carved onto its surface and a dagger is stuck in the center of the door. All except yours, of course. Raven's voice will speak up as soon as you try to open it: "Add your name on the door". If you're someone Raven does not particularly like, you can try and write another name to see what happens. Once you've carved your name, Raven will speak up again and ask you to choose a date and/or a name among several ones she'll give you. Then the door will happen and... you adventure shall begin!

Door #4: Nevermore This fourth door is a strange one. It's like a magic portal made of pure energy and its color change every two second like a mood ring would. Brace yourself and step through it. Behind the door, one or several of Raven's "emoticlones" are waiting for you. ...Keep your fingers crossed that Red Raven is not among them.

Door #5: Trigon's World A black door with glowing red mark of Scathe in its center. Ever wanted to meet Trigon, see what Apocalypse can be like or meet your evil twin? You need no password whatsoever to open this door, it will open itself as soon as you touch it. But remember when it's too easy, there's often a catch.
For this door, violence (physical or emotional) is to be expected.

The corresponding log is HERE
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[Forward dated to March 25th, about half an hour before Anita's post]

I just got news from one of the scientists. I'm to meet her now. Alone. Or the deal is off.

I don't know if it'll lead to anything useful. But it's worth a try. I'll contact you later.
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[The feed switches on. Raven is sitting by the lake, staring at the water. The sun is setting behind the horizon. It's almost completely gone. Perfect date setting. Raven talks quietly as if someone was there with her.]

It's the first time you've ever stood me up, Harry. [A slight smirk.] ...And I can't even blame you for it.

[She picks up the PCD and looks just as impassible as always.]

For those who knew him, my boyfriend, Harry Potter is not here anymore.

And it seems that Spike has been sent back too. So if anyone else needs something to bleach their hair, just ask me. I'd hate to see the solution I prepared for him go to waste.

[And she cuts the feed. See Rei? She's learning. It doesn't hurt any less but at least she's getting better at hiding it.]

[Private video to Horst] )
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...Raven calling Robin. Over.

[The voice sounds quite hoarse and... blasé. It's very hard to say whether it belongs to a boy or a girl.]

Robin? ...Raven calling all Titans. ...Cyborg? ...Starfire?

[A pause before another name is added somewhat reluctantly.]


[A loud sigh of impatience.]

If someone is actually getting that transmission, could they please tell me on which planet I am and how I can get away from here?

[During the last part, a low animalistic growl can be heard in the background.]

I thought I made it clear the first two times. I. am. not. food.

[The growl gets louder. Some statics can be heard over the line as if a close electromagnetic source was disturbing the transmission.]

Azarath Metrion Zinthos!

[A loud thump of something crashing into a hard surface, like let’s say a wall, followed by animal whines.]

This is really starting to get annoying...

[End of transmission.]
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